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Startups and SMBs are challenged to identify a competitive advantage to differentiate themselves from their competitors. One way to achieve this differentiation is by collecting and harnessing data to identify opportunities and make smarter decisions. Businesses need to rely on strategic business analytics and intelligence rather than guesswork and emotion in making decisions. As a result, businesses are now collecting more data than ever before. However, this does not always translate into valuable and actionable insights as a business must have the right tools and technologies for collecting and visualising data.

What's the Solution?

To help transform data into intelligence and insights, a business needs to develop a framework which answers the questions such as what has happened (descriptive analysis), the root cause behind it (diagnostic analysis), what might happen in the future (predictive analysis) and what should be done about it (prescriptive analysis). FirstLink provides a full-service business analytics solution which includes hardware, software, and data experts to help management understand their customers, predict purchases and trends, analyse and interpret behavior, and make data driven decisions. It includes:

In-Store Analytics

We utilize people counting devices, heat maps, and queue management systems to analyse the in-store visitor traffic, customer movements and patterns, dwells times, waiting times as well as demographic analysis of the gender, age, and moods of
in-store customers.

Descriptive Analytics

We help classify, summarize and analyse historic raw data from multiple sources to provide valuable insights into your business performance through visualizations such as tables, pie charts, line graphs, bar charts and other graphical displays.

Diagnostic Analytics

We utilize advance statistical, quantitative, and analytical techniques including data mining and regression analysis to find correlation and causation between key variables allowing businesses to answer the question why something happened.

Predictive Analytics

We utilize historical data, machine learning, algorithms, artificial intelligence and statistical modelling such as recency, frequency and monetary value to make predictions and provide recommendations about future business outcomes to answer questions related to what might happen in the future.

Prescriptive Analytics

We utilize the outcomes and insights derived from descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analysis to determine best course of action for a given situation or problem.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

We utilize dashboards for management to better interpret and understand their overall performance by comparing results against budgets, forecasts and other variables for custom periods such as prior year, month, week or day.

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Benefits of Business Analytics Outsourcing

Most organisations are unable to manage their data in a systematic way. Startups and SMBs struggle to turn even the smallest data into useful information and insights. It is not just access to data that helps you make smarter decisions, it’s the way you analyze it. We believe that businesses should focus on their core income generating activities leaving our data analysts and scientists to derive crucial insights and opportunities from your business data. Our Business Analytics solution provides the following benefits:

Cloud Accounting

Improved Operational Efficiency

We unlock the power of your data using advance statistical analysis and machine learning to discover hidden insights which can lead to improvements into your business processes and operations.

Make Smarter Decisions

We allow businesses to adopt big data in evaluating their business performance and analyzing their customer behavior to make smarter, more insightful decisions.

Smarter Decisions​
Tools & Technology

Specialised Tools & Technology

We provide a full-service solution which includes all the hardware and software components to start capturing and analyzing your customer and business data.

Client Testimonials

Atlantic Tours and Travel Limited

The team at FirstLink has always supported us from inception with our initial company registration providing practical and knowledgeable advice to guide us during the startup process. Fast forward to present – They provide us with both accounting and business advisory services. We feel comfortable and at peace knowing that we can call on Richard and his team at any time day or night to deal with any complex accounting, legal, human resource or business challenge that we’re going through.”


For us, what distinguishes FirstLink from the many accountants we’ve dealt with in the past is their adoption of modern technology to reduce the tedious and administrative processes and their focus on providing clients with not only accounting services but value added advisory and consulting services. As business owners, we’re not necessarily savvy in finance or legal, however, we can always depend on FirstLink for any issue we are facing. We feel like the relationship with FirstLink is more partners for life as oppose to just a client – accountant relationship.


The team at FirstLink introduced our business to Xero accounting. It has given us a lot more control over our financial information and for non-accountants; it is extremely easy to use. The Xero Mobile App easily allows us to send invoices to our customers on the go and tracks when the invoices have been viewed by them. I would definitely recommend Xero and FirstLink to anyone looking to implement cloud software to gain real time financial information to improve their business.

Playa Del Este Limited

Running a business can be a nightmare. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. However, Richard, Aaron and the team at FirstLink have always been and continue to stay right by my side to provide their professional guidance and advice for every obstacle that we’re faced with. It’s a comprehensive service which is both personal and supportive of my business requirements whether its accounting, tax, human resource or industrial relations disputes.

Atlantic Tours and Travel Limited

Richard’s support and professionalism are a pillar of reliability and dependability. We trust totally his guidance and know all is confidential. Any company that he is part of has our complete support. It is without hesitation that I endorse him and FirstLink to anyone seeking professional and honest business advisory support whether accounting, human resource or legal.


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