When selecting a business outsourcing and advisory firm, you’ll consider many factors such as technical expertise, industry know-how, reputation and fees. Every industry faces diverse challenges. At FirstLink, we’ve partnered with Subject Matter Experts who work behind the scenes to provide specialized business solutions to solve your operational and financial challenges within the retail, food & beverage, non-profit, manufacturing, and technology industries.

Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail environment is one of the most competitive industries both locally and internationally. Retailers face challenges which include increasing overheads, reducing gross margins, changing consumer preferences, maintaining customer loyalty, and digital technology disruptions.

At FirstLink, our retail consultants offer value added solutions such as integrated POS and ecommerce systems, inventory management, retail advisory and business analytics. Our objective is to drive seamless, unified sales across all your distribution channels whether physical or online with the goal of gaining crucial customer insights to maximise profitability, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Food & Beverage

We understand the food and beverage industry and the unique issues that affects your business such as choosing the right point of sale technology, negotiating rental leases,
maximising employee productivity, controlling food and labour costs as well as capturing the right insights to make data driven decisions.

At FirstLink, our dedicated hospitality consultants infuse best practices, modern technology and business insights to improve your business performance. This is a distinct advantage over generalist firms that require time to be brought up to speed with industry trends.

Non-Profit & Charities

Over the last few years, the non-profit community has faced greater regulation through the passing of the Non-Profit Organisations Act, growing expectations from donors on accountability and transparency, reducing Corporate Social Responsibility budgets, and increased competition for funding.

At FirstLink, our business advisors understand the plight of the social entrepreneur. We work with non-profit organisations, charities and foundations to improve your corporate governance systems, ensure financial sustainability, implement robust financial accounting and reporting systems as well as ensure overall compliance with anti-money laundering laws and tax regulations.

Technology & E-Commerce

The technology industry is innovative and disruptive by nature. Change is considered the norm and continued sustainable success is dependent on your ability to be responsive and agile. It is, therefore, critical that tech and ecommerce startups partner with a business outsourcing and advisory firm that understands the complexities of your business.

At FirstLink, our business advisors work with clients at all stages – from start up to exit. We offer value added advisory in the areas of business model design, intellectual property protection, licensing and royalties, capital structures, and exit strategies.

Manufacturing & Distribution

The manufacturing industry is driven by burning topics related to intense global competition, inventory management, process optimisation, costing and pricing. To gain a competitive advantage, manufactures must work with a business advisor that understands the nuances of the industry with the objective of optimizing systems, maximizing profits and minimizing tax burdens.

At FirstLink, our business advisors have a deep understanding of tax laws and fiscal incentives applicable to manufacturers. We also work with manufacturers to implement integrated inventory and distribution cloud technology to optimize systems, maximise profits and reduce tax burdens.

Client Testimonials

Atlantic Tours and Travel Limited

The team at FirstLink has always supported us from inception with our initial company registration providing practical and knowledgeable advice to guide us during the startup process. Fast forward to present – They provide us with both accounting and business advisory services. We feel comfortable and at peace knowing that we can call on Richard and his team at any time day or night to deal with any complex accounting, legal, human resource or business challenge that we’re going through.”


For us, what distinguishes FirstLink from the many accountants we’ve dealt with in the past is their adoption of modern technology to reduce the tedious and administrative processes and their focus on providing clients with not only accounting services but value added advisory and consulting services. As business owners, we’re not necessarily savvy in finance or legal, however, we can always depend on FirstLink for any issue we are facing. We feel like the relationship with FirstLink is more partners for life as oppose to just a client – accountant relationship.


The team at FirstLink introduced our business to Xero accounting. It has given us a lot more control over our financial information and for non-accountants; it is extremely easy to use. The Xero Mobile App easily allows us to send invoices to our customers on the go and tracks when the invoices have been viewed by them. I would definitely recommend Xero and FirstLink to anyone looking to implement cloud software to gain real time financial information to improve their business.

Playa Del Este Limited

Running a business can be a nightmare. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. However, Richard, Aaron and the team at FirstLink have always been and continue to stay right by my side to provide their professional guidance and advice for every obstacle that we’re faced with. It’s a comprehensive service which is both personal and supportive of my business requirements whether its accounting, tax, human resource or industrial relations disputes.


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